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Senior Living Resources in Rock Hill, South Carolina 

Rock Hill, South Carolina is home to nature trails, renowned restaurants, and 31 parks that host both national and local events. The nearby Catawba River is a popular attraction for people looking to canoe, kayak, and water tube, with easy renting options. River Park is a dog-friendly trail stretching for 3.35 miles along the river with plenty of benches, restrooms, and pet stations. Rock Hill, SC also strikes the perfect balance of hometown charm with urban amenities from Charlotte, which is only 25 miles away and serves as the nearest international airport. Find out more about retirement and senior care in Rock Hill, SC.

Is Rock Hill, South Carolina a Good Place to Retire?

In 2018, Time’s Money magazine named Rock Hill, South Carolina as one of the top 50 places to live in the United States. This ranking was based on a variety of factors, including modest median income and lower average home prices, suggesting a lower cost of living. South Carolina is also considered tax-friendly to retirees, as there is no tax on social security benefits while there are available tax deductions for seniors. Perhaps one of the simple yet best reasons to retire in Rock Hill, SC is the undeniable Southern Charm evoked of the area’s laid-back atmosphere.

Above and Beyond: Life Well Lived in an Acts Community

Map of Rock Hill, South Carolina Senior Living Resources

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Senior Care in Rock Hill, SC 

Just as important as local amenities and cost of living, quality senior care should be a major consideration when deciding where to retire. Choosing the right senior care will have a meaningful impact on health and finances moving forward. Park Pointe Village in Rock Hill, SC understands these financial risks and offers the assurance of Acts’ Type A Life Care and guarantees financial security throughout your entire retirement. By joining this vibrant community, you can continue living your life with the peace of mind knowing that your costs will never increase based on health needs. To learn more about Rock Hill senior care, please consult with one of our Life Care Consultants today.