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Embracing the Holiday Spirit with Acts of Generosity

This holiday season, a beautiful tapestry of kindness and giving unfolded at Acts communities, illuminating the true essence of the season. Among the vibrant threads woven into this tapestry are heartwarming acts of generosity that transcend mere material gifts, fostering connections and spreading joy far and wide.

Here's a glimpse of the giving spirit across our Acts family: 

In North Carolina, Acts' residents and staff at Mathews Glen joined a remarkable coalition of more than 100 volunteers, churches and other donors to alleviate the financial burdens of 90 local families. Their collective efforts resulted in bringing joy to 211 children, demonstrating the incredible power of unity and compassion during the holidays. Thank you Matthews Help Center for this opportunity to serve the surrounding community!

In Carroll County, Maryland, Acts residents supported The Sheppard's Staff by donating fifty Christmas stockings and twelve senior sacks. A busload of festive goodies embodied the essence of Loving-Kindness in action!

Buckingham's Choice, in Adamstown, Maryland, collaborated with SOAR, providing 50 hot holiday meals to Frederick County seniors in need. Beyond nourishment, these meals carried with them the warmth of the season, coupled with gifts from generous donations.

In Pennsylvania, the resident sewing group at Southampton Estates, shared their giving spirit in stitches, by crafting adorable stuffed animals which were donated to OHAAT (One Home At A Time). These precious gifts will find their way into bedtime bags, becoming cherished companions for little ones this Christmas.

School children joined residents at Heron Point of Chestertown, to carol melodies that warmed the soul. Beyond the music, these students engaged in heartfelt conversations, creating moments that sparked smiles and forged bonds of camaraderie.

These heartfelt acts of kindness embodied the true spirit of the holidays, and remind us all that generosity knows no bounds, transcending age, distance, or circumstance. As we celebrate the holidays, let us carry forward this beautiful spirit of giving all year round!