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Tranquil Living at Buckingham's Choice

Robert Jensen and Joan Hart, who enjoy the serene landscape of Buckingham's Choice, in Adamstown, Maryland, moved into their Acts Retirement-Life Community in 2021. 

The couple said the uncertainty of the future, coupled with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, led them to explore continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) along the East Coast.

Planning Ahead in Uncertain Times

"We're planners, and my mother was in a CCRC, and it worked out really well for her," said Robert Jensen. 

The proximity to family in the area and the balanced appeal of rural surroundings and nearby amenities in Frederick convinced them that Buckingham's Choice was the perfect fit.

"We're on the priority list, and our name came up a little to our surprise," he added. "When it came up, in the middle of COVID, it just felt like the time to act."

The pandemic underscored the importance of being in a community that provides security and support. While the couple didn't feel an immediate need to move at the time, they wisely seize the opportunity during a hot housing market.

The Charms of Frederick

The couple also enjoys Buckingham's Choice as a great location to experience the tranquil retirement lifestyle in an appealing setting.

Joan Hart loves the charm of Frederick, and exploring the surrounding area. "It's an old town with a lot of civil war history, and it's got wonderful arts programs," she said.

As an artist herself, Joan finds the art center, public art, and numerous art groups and galleries in Frederick to be important aspects of her engaging lifestyle. The town's rich history and vibrant cultural scene also contributes to the couple's sense of community and fulfillment.

A Safety Net for the Future

The Harts also recognized the relief their move brought to their children. Having experienced the benefits of a CCRC through Joan's mother, the couple finds reassurance in the peace of mind it provides to both residents and their families.

Robert stresses the importance of having a plan in place just "in case" it's needed.

"Just being here provides a feeling of security in terms of your day-to-day needs, your emergency needs. It provides a plan for what happens as your needs escalate," he said.

The assurance of a comprehensive care continuum, from independent living to assisted living and nursing care, offers residents like Robert and Joan financial security that you often can't put a price tag on.

Another notable aspect that Robert appreciates is the stress-free lifestyle at Buckingham's Choice, as it relieves the burdens of home ownership.

"When something happens here, it’s someone else’s problem," Robert laughed. "You make one phone call and let them deal with it. It's a big relief."

Fighting Loneliness through Socialization

The couple also were surprised with the great social benefits of community living.

"We feel more engaged here, more active here just because there are people around all the time who you see. So socialization, basically fighting loneliness, is a big thing," shares Robert.

The community's restaurant and entertainment venues also serve as a hub for social interaction, where residents share meals, enjoy a wide range of events and programming, and build special connections.

Joining the Priority List: A Wise Decision

The couple strongly recommends joining the priority list, as it not only enables you the opportunity to seize your perfect floor plan, it also allows you to embrace the community life well before moving in, to become more familiar with your surroundings and meet new neighbors.

"Absolutely get on the list," Robert advised. "Most of the fee is refundable, and it gives you an opportunity to get to know the place before you move in."

The ability to attend events and "pass" on apartments until ready provides prospective residents with valuable flexibility.

Pet-Friendly Living

For those with furry companions, Buckingham's Choice is a wonderful community to enhance your pet's quality of life, too! 

"It's a very pet-friendly community. Benny knows everybody, and everybody wants to stop and say hi to him," shares Robert. The community's welcoming stance toward pets adds to the overall warmth and inclusivity.

With scenic trails of mountain views, beautiful sunsets and covered walkways, residents enjoy walking dogs and getting their steps in too.

The couple say they're fortunate call Buckingham's Choice home with its picturesque setting, engaging community, and most importantly, the peace of mind for securing their future in anticipation of any needs that may arise.