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Buckingham's Choice resident reflects after the big move: "I'm incredibly lucky"

For Larry Lange, a resident of Buckingham's Choice, in Adamstown, Maryland, moving into a retirement community meant a fantastic stress-free escape from the woes of home ownership.

"After I retired from the federal government, I felt the burden of maintaining my aging townhouse," said Larry reflected on his decision to move about three years ago.  "All the maintenance was on me, and I knew it was time for a change."

His search led him to Buckingham's Choice, sparked by a recommendation from a fellow retiree.

"It was almost like having a brand new house," Larry reminisced about customizing his cottage. "I was incredibly lucky."

Despite initial hesitations on adapting to a new life, Larry found it easy to make friends at Buckingham's Choice. "It's like a family here," he said. "You get to know some really nice people, and there are always activities to participate in.

"I've never played cornhole in my life!" Larry laughed, "Bingo is fun, too."

Larry highlights the tranquility of Buckingham's Choice's rural surroundings compared to the congestion of his previous neighborhood. "It's very refreshing," he said. "You're still close to Washington, but you get to enjoy a more serene environment."

Living in a community with residents of similar ages and interests is also a refreshing change.

"It's different from my old townhouse, where people were getting younger," he said. "Here, you see familiar faces more often, and the shared interests make it easier to connect."

When asked about his favorite aspects of Buckingham's Choice, Larry doesn't hesitate: "The setting, the friendly people, and the services. It's stress-free living at its finest."  Along with the perks of resort-like living, Larry has access to future health care, assisted living and skilled nursing on the same campus, if it's ever needed.

"Planning for the future is essential, you never know what might happen," he said. "It's about taking control of your future."

"Buckingham's Choice has been a blessing for me, and I would encourage anyone to explore the possibilities it offers," he added.

If you're seeking a stress-free retirement surrounded by natural beauty and engaging activities, schedule a tour of Buckingham's Choice today!