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Senior Living in Wilmington, DE

What is it like to retire in Wilmington? Located along the Delaware River, Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city and offers many big-city attractions like museums, shopping, restaurants, and theaters. With less than 5 percent of the population of the neighboring Philadelphia, only a 30-minute drive away, Wilmington still maintains a peaceful and charming community feel. If you are considering retiring in Wilmington, you will be delighted to know that the city was awarded an A+ for its amenities by Area Vibes. Acts residents also have access to amazing senior care resources in Wilmington and throughout Delaware.

Nature and History Abound in Delaware

Delaware is known as the “First State” as it was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States. It’s no surprise then that Delaware is brimming with historical sites dating back to the times of our founding fathers. Delawareans can enjoy historical house tours, gardens, and architecture tours, all of which have been carefully preserved. The state is also full of beautiful nature preserves, numerous state parks, and over 28 miles of beaches. Delaware is truly a dream place to live for anyone who enjoys the outdoors!

Above and Beyond: Life Well Lived in an Acts Community

Wilmington, Delaware Senior Resources Map

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Senior Care in Wilmington, DE

A big concern for many retirees is whether their healthcare and financial needs will be met going forward, and to minimize the burden placed on loved ones. When it comes to protecting your life savings, not all retirement plans are created equal. Acts Retirement-Life Communities offers Type A life care, which means that we won’t increase your costs just because your health needs increase. Additionally, Acts is a not-for-profit organization and proudly supports our Samaritan Fund, a financial security net for your retirement in the event you have exhausted your resources at no fault of your own. To learn more about these benefits and the Acts lifestyle, we implore you to visit Country House, our Delaware retirement community centrally located in the wonderful city of Wilmington.