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                us occupied, including pictures of our five-year-old great-grandson, so we could keep up with his activities. (He is named for his grandfather George!) BLESSINGS!
Every two weeks my daughter and her husband grocery shop
for us and lug fifteen or so bags to the guardhouse so that a staff member can bring them to us. Occasionally I walk up close to
the guardhouse to get a glimpse of their dear faces, all within restrictions, of course. The security people are probably on a first- name basis with them. Our daughter has been known to jog down the walking path behind our cottage, call me by phone, and visit with us sitting on our patio while she stays on the path. (Again, keeping more like 100 feet apart.) BLESSINGS!
Friends and Neighbors
Our friends and our Bayleigh Chase neighbors have stayed in touch by telephone, cards, notes, homemade Snickerdoodles still warm from the oven, six-feet distance conversations, offers of assistance, especially during my husband’s confinement, and just by their caring concern. One couple, lifelong friends, also strolled down
the walking path carrying a big red heart over their heads to show their love and support. BLESSINGS!
The employees, who are also our friends, have gone above and beyond to keep us well-informed, safe, healthy, and occupied. Their smiling eyes above their face masks have brought us such comfort. We get Boredom Busters weekly. They help to keep our brains sharp. I was up until one o’clock in the morning trying to complete a particularly difficult puzzle. Please make your puzzles easier! BLESSINGS!
Our maintenance men are keeping things well-oiled and up and running. What would we do without them? A bathroom blind came tumbling down one day, and with a smile, it was replaced and hung. (Essential because it was a bathroom blind!) BLESSINGS!
A sympathetic employee went shopping for residents at the garden centers to make sure that our porches and patios were cheerful and bright with spring and summer flowers. How that lifted my spirits

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