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                knew what was best for us and implemented safety measures to assure our well-being. So many senior living locations were finding COVID-19 running rampant throughout their communities. No cases were found on our campus. Someone was doing something right—from the administration, nursing staff, maintenance, fitness and wellness, activities, culinary, housekeeping, security guards, and even residents who recognized this extreme change in our lives.
I missed lots of things—exercise classes that were also opportunities to see friends; chorus practice—we were all distressed because our spring choral concert was canceled—and monthly birthday dinners; even resident meetings. Also, I really missed doing my own shopping and having my monthly haircut.
The thing most missed was the Memorial Service held every six months for residents who had passed away. Families, friends, and employees lit candles for their loved ones, our chaplain provided consolation and messages of love and hope, and our own Spirit Singers sang uplifting hymns of grace. What will October bring? Another Memorial Service I hope. Restrictions are being cautiously lifted and maybe we do see light at the end of the tunnel. I believe there has been more positive than negative.
Not being able to see our family and friends was, by far, the worst for me. I never dreamed of a situation that could keep us from them. I know sheltering-in-place was the right thing to do, but, to this day, our lives have been interrupted by this restriction. We are a very close family of nine. Yes, we miss the things we used to do together.
But our family is resourceful. They have always called us regularly, but now they call more frequently. Our grandson was concerned about our abiding by the shelter-in-place rules: “Granny has gone to choir practice? How many people are there? There can’t be more than nine!” Our daughters and granddaughter were worried about us eating the right, healthy foods. Frequently they showed up at the guardhouse bearing homemade soups, meals, sugary desserts (healthy??), and balloons, as well as books and other items to keep

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