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                grandfather would quickly don their helmets and armbands and walk around their designated areas to make sure no light could be seen from outdoors. BLESSINGS!
To-do lists have been satisfyingly shortened due to extra time not spent in different activities that have been temporarily postponed due to COVID-19. Oh, the joy of having my hair cut when it has been at least three months since the last time, and I’m looking pretty unkempt. I find it relaxing just staying in my ‘’jammies”
all day, perhaps pulling out an old recipe hoping to have the ingredients needed to make something special again. I’ve gotten used to a little dust—in the scheme of things, how important is that?
If I can’t see a friend, I can at least call them, or, better still, send them a hand-written letter or note. How refreshing to the recipient. It’s always a treat to find something personal in the mail or enjoy my own, quiet company once in a while. BLESSINGS!
My dear granddaughter supplied me with a new, exciting hobby. She gave me a butterfly farm, complete with ten caterpillars that eventually became butterflies in front of my eyes. I was sad when the time came to release them, but happy to see them soar from my patio to the sky above. One of them returned and perched on my toe. I was delighted that at least one of them was reluctant to leave. My great-grandson enjoyed the same experience in his preschool before they had to close. (The butterfly farm came with directions: for children and seniors!) Such fun! And also a BLESSINGS!
Our generation has been through a lot, but this pandemic may be the hardest. We still have a long way to go. In the end, most of us have not suffered hardships, COVID-19-related illnesses, or deaths. How fortunate we are. My husband and I feel that the worst part of the past months has been the absence of family and friends. They reside in such close proximity. We need to see them close-up, hug them, and be part of their lives again.
We know, without a doubt, that moving to this community was the right decision for us and our family. We have made Bailey Chase

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