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                I reflected on the heartbreaking images we had recently seen on television, visions of strangers in hospitals, most of them elderly and completely separated from their families just when they needed them most They looked sick, and they also looked afraid. What was the look on George’s face right now? Sadness filled my heart. Not once did I think we would ever face a situation like this. Who did?
How fortunate we were for the first responders, nurses, doctors, technicians, and others who comforted all of the COVID-19 patients without their families. With thankfulness, I knew George was also surrounded by the same courageous, kind, dedicated, and loving Easton Hospital staff; he wasn’t alone. Four days later he returned home and is recuperating. He was content to be at home and thankful for the outcome, but the fact that we couldn’t see our family due to the isolation requirement made us both feel incomplete. How many others felt as we did? Countless others.
“Our resilience will prevail”
My generation is resilient. We have been through wars, political disasters, natural disasters, polio, desegregation, civil unrest, and much more. This pandemic certainly may be the hardest; we didn’t see it coming and had experienced nothing like it, but our resilience will prevail.
Perhaps some things will never be the same again—I cannot bear the thought of not hugging friends, and warmly shaking the hands of fellow neighbors. I have come to realize that human touch means more to me than I thought. We may find that some things, such
as doctors’ visits, will never be the same, and I, for one, think
that is a good thing. It surely makes it easier to visit your doctor
by telephone in the comfort of your home than waiting in the
office with who knows what germs. Of course, there have to be exceptions.
After the shock of being self-isolated for about four weeks, we found that living at Bayleigh Chase was both secure and safe. Yes, there were some negatives, but all in all, we had people who

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