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                and added to my well-being! I always look forward to Thursday Treat Day because special treats are delivered door-to-door. I think Culinary has something to do with this. Not only do we look forward to the cookies, brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, pretzels, apple pie bites, and pineapple upside-down cupcakes, but also the friendly words of encouragement from the delivery staff and their smiling eyes above their masks. BLESSINGS!
The administration keeps us up-to-date on an almost daily basis with memos, letters, phone calls, and Channel 900. If something is in question, we just ask our competent receptionist, and if she does not know the answer, she will get back to us, and without fail, she does! It is such a comfort that caring nurses are just a phone call or activation of our SARA pendant away. BLESSINGS!
Programs on Channel 900 provide us with devotionals, movies, interesting and educational documentaries, as well as exercise, workouts, pre-recorded meetings, the day’s menus, and anything else we need to know to start our day. BLESSINGS!
As for entertainment, let’s not forget Chase and Bailey and their little goslings, our resident Canadian goose population, who never fail to make us stop in our tracks and watch. There’s also Buddy, our favorite dog: “Don’t get too close—the geese WILL attack!” A family or two of house finches have found a lovely place to raise their young—our Bird Bed and Breakfast, consisting of two beautiful hanging ferns and a bird feeder nearby. I can see this from my kitchen window. Hearing the sound of geese flying overhead always makes me stop and listen. Enjoying birdsong,
or even the happy bark of our favorite dog can be so peaceful and comforting. So can the “sound of silence.”
Seeing baby bunnies and squirrels in springtime makes me smile. I look forward to the sound of frogs in the pond behind our cottage; there’s a particularly loud one. We call him Jeremiah or Bubba. Admittedly, I even enjoy the sound of the siren coming from
our firehouse when volunteers are needed. It reminds me of my childhood during World War II when a similar siren announced an air raid drill. When we heard that sound, my father and

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