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                kept on running, but Geico decided that my car was totaled and provided me with a rental.
When I told my sad story to my daughter-in-law, who works for a car dealer in Frederick, she found me another Honda. The price was right, but 2010 must have been a very bad year for the Honda paint department, because most of the top coat wore off both the hood and top.
I was somewhat ashamed to drive it, but it got me where I needed to be on time. Then the pandemic arrived. I had plenty of time on my hands. Before sheltering in place was enforced, I bought two cans of paint at Home Depot for my big project.
On the first day, it took hours to apply the primer coat. Next came a top coat, which disappointed me—it dried with brush strokes showing. Finally, on the third day I applied the final top coat with a roller, which left no stroke marks at all! I am very pleased now to drive a car with a white hood and top contrasting well with the black sides, fenders, and trunk.
Before After
So when my family asks, “Grandpaw, what did you do during the pandemic?” I have a good experience to share with them. I also gave myself a haircut, but that is for another story!

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