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                Up, Down, and Sideways
By Barbara Freed Fairhaven
When I first heard about the virus, I prayed for 45 minutes every day at 3 pm and set my alarm to wake me at 3 am to pray another 45 minutes that I would not get this virus. If I get it, the odds are against me.
My emotions are up and down and sideways. I was very afraid that my nasal swab test would come back positive, but hooray! I was negative.
I’ve been spending time on the internet playing bridge and ordering some new clothes. It’s so nice to get packages, ha-ha!
I chat with my best friend Peggy Mae several times each day on the phone. I feel that we both maintain our sanity this way. She always asks how she can help me and does everything I ask. If I don’t have my credit card with me, she puts my purchase on hers. I would do the same for her. We’ve gone swimming together and worked on art and ceramics together. She has driven me everywhere since I gave my car to my son. Peggy Mae is like a sister, and I believe we’ll stay together our whole lives!
Down again I tumbled, worried about the results of my second COVID-19 test. Then back up again—I was negative!
I’m using my computer for new educational opportunities. I’m researching stocks and applied for online courses. I might even begin work on a doctorate. When I gave the young man at one university my birthdate I said, “Just call me Grandmom.” My son laughed when I told him. I cried when he told me, “Mom, I’m so proud of you!”

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