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                      Then one day someone wonderful appeared, not by vision but through sound. “I hope you are having a wonderful day to complement the wonderful dinner we have for you,” a cheerful voice responded to my dinner order call. It was Jared. He immediately became concerned when I replied that it definitely was not a wonderful day. Due to his concern, he questioned me and heard my distress about Ozzie. He wanted to help, empathizing with my emotions since he lost his dog four years ago. “I’ll send some bacon and a hotdog with cheese. Hopefully, they will induce him to eat.”
Every day Jared calls to ask about Ozzie. Every day he sends some food such as chicken or turkey from a pot pie. Every day he tells me that Izzy, his present dog, thinks about Ozzie and encourages him to get better.
Every day I am more at peace, knowing Ozzie is loved. Euthanasia is no longer in my vocabulary unless he would begin living in pain. Every day Ozzie is with me being cuddled and having his tummy rubbed. He even endures my feeding him with a dropper and then washing his face. I am supporting my Ozzie, and it makes me happy.
Thank you, Jared, for being someone wonderful.
Editor’s Note: After this special time with Ozzie, Joy said goodbye to Ozzie as he died peacefully about a week later.

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