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                A Honda Tale
By Rev. Charles Shaffer Fairhaven
Staying at home as this pandemic progressed gave me time to think about my automobile history, especially my Honda sagas. Around 1991 I went to Gettysburg and bought a new Accord, which I resolved would be my 100,000-mile car!
The following year we moved from a rectory in Thurmont to a townhouse in Frederick. The landlord assured us that it was a safe neighborhood—a city policeman lived on one corner, a deputy sheriff resided at the other end of the block, and a Baptist church stood across the street!
One morning a year later I went out to leave for work and—no
car! As I looked around, I spotted another Honda with a damaged front fender parked crooked a few houses away from mine. The thief stole that one first and switched it for mine that was in better condition! The police came, wrote a detailed report, and assured me they would find it quickly. Three weeks later at 2 am the thief ran a red light in Baltimore. My stolen Honda was found and returned.
When I asked my insurance agent if I needed any extra security, his answer was “No, that would be like getting struck twice by lightning!”
Well, four months later, lightning struck again! My Accord was stolen once more—after the car stolen before mine ran out of gas a block away from my house. I told the insurance agent to give me the claims money and that I was giving up on Hondas. They were just too popular among thieves.
After living at Fairhaven for ten years I decided it was safe, given our level of security, to buy a Honda again. I was very happy with my 2003 model until a big buck raced across route 32 and rammed it one dark rainy night as I was driving home from work. The buck

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