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                Someone Wonderful
By Joy Barker Fairhaven
He was dying. My buddy, my white shadow for over nine years, was dying.
Ozzie came to me when he was three years old. We bonded immediately. He was there helping me through my husband’s illness and death. My little white Bichon with the jet-black nose and huge round brown eyes traveled everywhere with me. He
was my front seat passenger when driving through Tennessee, vacationing in Florida, and visiting family in Maryland. He toured the National Parks in Arizona and Utah with my son and me while driving cross country. Ozzie also shared numerous flights from Knoxville to Boise and Seattle. He was my emotional support companion, especially while I sheltered-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Now he was leaving me, and I couldn’t support him. He wouldn’t eat and was lethargic all day. I had given up. Euthanasia became a familiar word in my vocabulary.

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