Page 4 - Acts Annual Report 2020
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Our Journey Forward... COVID-19 Response A Note from Our President:
  In a year that would challenge our organization and our industry in unprecedented ways, Acts had to think differently, adjust to changing situations quickly, and adopt new ways of collaborating and operating. Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the United States,
we assembled a task force to oversee all aspects of our COVID-19 response across our organization. These efforts included sourcing and securing personal protective equipment, enacting quarantine and safety measures, and establishing a COVID-19 testing program.
As coronavirus cases began spreading rapidly throughout the country, it would only be a matter of time when we would experience the first cases of COVID-19 amongst residents and staff. In response, our Information Technology department quickly began building new
data dashboards and our operations team developed new processes for monitoring COVID-19 testing and case-related data. Within days, our organization had new structures and systems in place to track the impact of the virus within our communities and to help our leaders and support teams drive their decision-making process.
Throughout the ensuing months, our residents and employees rallied together to support each other in this new pandemic world. Our clinical staff worked heroically in caring for our residents, and our activity teams implemented new ways to engage them in virtual activities. Our sales teams revamped their processes and met with prospective residents virtually, while our IT staff worked tirelessly to meet
our constantly evolving technology needs.
In addition, our culinary teams restructured service to meet the expectations of residents while maintaining safety protocols. Infection control and sanitation standards were
also intensified to ensure a continued safe environment. Meanwhile, corporate staff focused all their energy on supporting their colleagues on the front line.
At the outset we also made it a top
priority to communicate regularly with residents, employees and family members. From phone calls, letters, and video communications, to ongoing updates on the Acts website and social media, these efforts helped to keep our stakeholders informed and demonstrated our commitment to transparency throughout the pandemic.

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