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   Our Journey Forward...Together
Dear Acts Family and Friends,
The year 2020 will forever be remembered as a time when the mettle of our country and our organization was tested like never before. In a year marked by a global pandemic, a record hurricane season, poignant examples of racial and social injustice, and economic uncertainty, Acts Retirement-Life Communities once again stood as a pillar of strength and stability.
We are so thankful for God’s grace and so proud of how the residents and employees of Acts have rallied together with resilience, determination and unwavering resolve. Their support for one another under the most demanding of conditions exemplifies the true meaning of Loving-Kindness in the finest traditions of Acts. While the year required sacrifice from all of us, we owe our deepest debt of gratitude to our dedicated clinical team members who remain the backbone of our organization. Their willingness to continue serving the most vulnerable members of our communities at a time of such incredible uncertainty, risk and personal challenge is beyond humbling and their actions were heroic.
In the following pages, we reflect with appreciation on all that we have overcome and all we have accomplished as an organization in the past year. By Divine Providence, despite a global pandemic, we have continued to focus on executing the right strategies and action plans to assure Acts remains well positioned to serve current and future residents through programs, services and amenities that promote joy, peace of mind, and a life of continued purpose.
We hope this report provides you with greater clarity on how Acts has successfully managed through these tumultuous times and is well prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities we see in the future. The pandemic crisis that kept us apart for the better part of 2020 has brought us closer together and strengthened us in ways perhaps greater than ever before. Most assuredly, the future of Acts is extremely bright as we venture forth in striving for excellence in serving current and future generations of residents and fulfilling our sacred commitment to those entrusted to our care now and in the future.
May God bless you all, and the entire Acts organization as we embark on Our Journey Forward together.
       Gerald T. Grant
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. John L. Esterhai, Jr.
Acts Board Chairman
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