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Acts is blessed with many generous donors who make a positive difference for the residents we serve, the employees who provide exceptional care and service, and our beautiful campuses.
In 2018, approximately 4,300 donors provided more than
$6 million in charitable gifts to the Acts Legacy Foundation, making it the most successful year in the Foundation’s history. The most popular fund, the Acts Samaritan Fund, directed $1.6 million of its charitable assets for resident benevolence assistance.
Residents also benefited through garden enhancements, memory support services, and wellness programs made possible through $1.5 million in donor-supported funding. Other charitable funds benefited employees through emergency assistance, the J. Mark Vanderbeck Memorial Scholarship Fund, and Acts Corporate University associate degree programs.
A complete list of our donors is included in our Annual Donor Report published in the summer.
Acts sponsors, partners, residents and team members came together in Pennsylvania and Florida to support benevolent care. The Acts Golf Classics help to fulfill our promise of lifelong care for residents who outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own.
 $6 Million+
We are inspired by the outpouring of support for Acts and the generosity of so many to the Acts Legacy Foundation that greatly enhances the lives of our residents.

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