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Acts Corporate University sponsored an Associate of Organizational Leadership degree throughout 2018 with graduation planned in 2019. Employees from across the organization have been enrolled in a partnered program to provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Through both classroom and online connections, staff from the far reaches of Acts are benefiting from this unique program. ACU is pleased to support the costs of this program with the generous assistance of the Acts Legacy Foundation to make this opportunity financially attainable for all employees.
 Employees throughout the Acts family are honored each year with Service Awards for their dedication to our mission.
  In 2018, a total of 717 individuals celebrated benchmark anniversaries spanning five years or more with our organization. A large percentage of our employees have been with the organization for many years, resulting in low turnover rates compared with the rest of the industry.
Acts has a strategic objective to continue expanding
our mission in a steady and disciplined way while
maintaining the financial health of the organization.
Doing so allows us to reach more seniors with a rewarding and secure retirement lifestyle and enjoy greater operating efficiencies. In 2018, we were delighted to welcome a new affiliate community, The Evergreens, located in Moorestown, New Jersey. The Acts family has already grown in 2019 through an affiliation with Integrace and its family of communities located throughout Maryland.
 The Evergreens in Moorestown, NJ

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