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                wet. They bring “sunshine” to our door, brightening our day despite the weather.
One morning when the nurse from Candle Light called, it was to tell me of David’s third fall in less than a week. I felt so helpless.
I just wanted to drop everything, rush to see him, wrap my arms around him like he was a little boy. I came up with a scheme to get out of here without having to go into isolation for fourteen days.
Checking with our executive director, my eyes tearful and heart sad, he listened compassionately to my plea. In fairness to
everyone else here, his answer had to be a heartfelt, “No.” At 4:30 pm when my dinner often arrives, I answered the doorbell to see our activities director standing there hands full with a Hugs & Prayers inflated balloon, a bouquet of colorful roses, a ceramic bowl filled with succulents, and a pretty “thinking of you” card signed by many staff members. All I could think was, how did you get all these thoughtful gifts together since I talked to George at lunchtime? My heart was transformed from sad to uplifted by these exceptional gifts to cheer me. I was overwhelmed and grateful at the same time by the love I felt. The gifts were like a tender bear hug.
All in all, Acts Bayleigh Chase has gone above and beyond to do special things to make life more bearable during this pandemic, and for that I am appreciative. Giving thanks every morning for the good people I am surrounded by here at Bayleigh Chase, I try to see all the positives and kindnesses that have come my way. I try to offer some niceties to my neighbors and friends like sharing my homemade vegetable soup or my bread pudding with vanilla sauce. It is often said, “What goes around comes around,” and it is so true. Being surrounded by so much love from the staff, neighbors, and friends near and far, we will get through this coronavirus pandemic together. And finally, FAITH, TRUST, AND LOVE have been the key ingredients for surviving this pandemic in my life.

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