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                accompanies us on the piano. She plays with so much energy, and her music brings smiles to our faces. We have about fifteen in the group, so we had to pick just eight the last time we sang. We hated to have to limit the number, but the next time we’ll choose the ones who did not get to sing at Easter. It might not be until we have our Memorial Service in the fall. Usually, we have one service in the spring and then one around All Saints Day in the fall.
Through Duo and Plexiglass
Not seeing or hugging my husband from March 15 until June 5
and then only at a conversation station separated by plexiglass and wearing a mask was heartrending. At one visit, David asked me
to stand up and turn around. I never did ask him why he wanted me to do that, but I did it. Another time he said, “I don’t recognize you.” Immediately pulling down my mask quickly, I said, “Now do you recognize me?” My spirit dropped when again he said, “I don’t.”
To celebrate David’s 84th birthday on June 3, our daughters, two grandsons, and I did a Duo Call. Jumping into the call as well were “Scout,” Lauren and Jon’s new German Shepherd puppy, and Kari’s older cat, Jasper. Good thing the pets weren’t in the same room! David’s special day started off nicely with his family and furry friends. At Candle Light Cove the staff treated him so well with Chef Ferguson whipping up a birthday cake accompanied by ice cream on the side. According to all reports, they sang “Happy Birthday” to him many times throughout the day.
I’ll be glad when my outside friends and family can visit again
at Bayleigh Chase. I miss all of them. On June 22, my former neighborhood prayer group will be meeting outside if it doesn’t rain. Visiting on Edge Creek in Royal Oak where we lived for 32 years will be a treat. Even though I have missed my old friends, Acts has done a wonderful job of protecting us with safety guidelines and treating us well. Knocking on our doors about 3 pm on Thursdays, a smiling staff member hands us a special treat like popcorn, an ice cream cone, Italian ice, or soft pretzel. They come even in the rain, glasses steamed up from the masks and dripping

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