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                                                                  About Acts Retirement-Life Communities
Founded in 1972, Acts Retirement-Life Communities (Acts) is the nation’s largest not-for-profit owner operator and developer of continuing care retirement communities, operating a family of 26 campuses spanning nine states, from Pennsylvania to Florida—together home to over 10,000 people.
Seeking a better way to serve aging members of his congregation, the pastor of a suburban Philadelphia church led an effort to develop the first Acts community. From the humble goal of serving 100 people, Acts has grown to set the standard for service delivery, financial stability and commitment to mission.
Acts Life Care provides these residents with the security of knowing that whatever level of care they may one day require, they can receive it with no increase in costs based solely on their level of care—unlike fee-for-service plans. This peace of mind allows residents to enjoy a life well lived, exploring the broad range of amenities and activities each of our communities offers, from fitness centers to trips, clubs, and special events.
Residents choose Acts for the peace of mind Acts Life Care offers; for our stability and 47-year track record of success; for the range of life-enriching amenities and activities our communities offer; and for the spirit of Loving-Kindness
that sets Acts apart. Founded by a Pennsylvania pastor seeking a caring home for older members of his congregation, Acts maintains its Christian heritage, while while warmly welcoming people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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