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                activity that my Episcopal deacon friend organized was to do the stations of the cross on Maundy Thursday. The street next to me has villas, and each resident was to have a part. One of the men was still in Florida, so I was asked to read his part. I was pleased to be included. We went from mailbox to mailbox doing the stations. It was meaningful and special. We wore our masks, kept our distance, and could still be heard.
I had my own routine in the morning during this time frame, which was to read a wonderful book a friend here gave me, God’s Plan for Your Life, Embracing Change. She gave it to me soon
after David moved. The book provides a daily devotional, scripture references, comments by well-known pastors and others, and a page to journal about for that day. I highly recommend the book. I was extremely pleased that my friend from my church and Bayleigh Chase, Eileen Heistand, gave it to me. She told me she thought it would be helpful to me in my new situation, and it certainly was.
I have looked forward to Sunday mornings through this whole journey when I turn to Channel 97 TBN. I tune in at 9 am with Jentezen Franklin from Gainesville, GA, 9:30 with Dr. David Jeremiah from San Diego and at 10 with Dr. Robert Jeffress from Dallas. Each one has his own style and gives a memorable message. I would like to hear more music as part of the services because
I love music, being a choir singer at my own church, St. Mark’s United Methodist in Easton, MD. My habit has been morning devotionals, prayer, and music throughout the day.
I often invite 1-3 guests for dinner at about 4:30 pm, and we
have beverages and dinner. We do have the choice of having our dinner delivered free or walking over to the buffet line during this pandemic. It’s a wonderful time to share stories and be together. Now that the weather is warm, I really like eating on the patio. I feel three guests is the perfect number so we can respect the 6-feet distancing rule.
I hope our Bayleigh Chase Spirit Singers can get back together soon. It is such good therapy and brings us joy to sing the familiar hymns. I am the song leader and my good friend, Janice Plutschak,

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