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                met me at the front door. I tried to get David’s dirty clothes, but she said they would take care of washing them. Actually, now I like having them wash his clothes and it is included in the monthly fee.
“Special Things” at Bayleigh Chase
Regarding my daily activities, management halted group activities at Bayleigh Chase at the end of March, which meant no more eating in the dining room. They set up buffet-style serving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In our lounge, you can order from an alternative menu, which I often do. The food is good here, and since I’m a “foodie,” it makes me happy. I elect to get just fifteen dinners a month, which I started after we had been here a year. It works
well because I enjoy cooking. In fact, cooking often makes the days pleasurable under the stay-at-home restrictions. I also enjoy inviting up to three friends for dinner on occasion, always abiding by the restrictions.
Other activities that help pass the day are organized walks at 11 am and Stretch and Tone classes led by Susan Covey on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the auditorium. There are only nine persons allowed in the class plus the staff leader, and we have to sign up in advance to do it. I have been exercising almost all of those days ever since it started, and it’s so beneficial. Our activities director, Ashley Stowers, has done a great job as we have gone into this 2 1⁄2-month period of sheltering-in-place. Every day she lists special programs we can watch on our Bayleigh Chase TV channel 900. In addition, they now have the exercise classes videoed— Silver Sneakers cardio for twenty minutes and chair yoga. We
have no excuse for not getting valuable exercise and I try to take advantage of all of them if possible.
Leading up to Easter, I thought it was going to be a dull time. Not here. Special things we did included nine of our Spirit Singers singing a program of Easter hymns that were played before the videoed service Easter morning. The singing was then shown
two other times that day and on Easter Monday. There have been prayers in the morning and the evening every day by our chaplain, Mary Ann Ell, since we’ve been sheltering-in-place. Another special

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