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                us had not realized how frequently black citizens had been treated differently just because they were black. Often there was publicity about an incident, but then we all moved on. In this case, the protests have gone on for weeks, and there have been many stories of similar situations in other parts of the country, which shows that this is not an isolated incident, but a major problem in our country.
Some state and local governments have begun to pass legislation banning chokeholds and other abusive force by police officers. While it is wonderful that this terrible event may actually have some positive benefits, the demonstrations may lead to the spread of COVID-19. The marches have included many thousands of people across the country. Many marchers have been wearing masks and trying to maintain some distance and the marches are outside so hopefully, there won’t be many people infected.
This is certainly an example of how COVID-19 affects every part of our lives.
What Comes Next?
All of these changes were so out of the blue. COVID-19 was totally new. No one really understood it, so prevention and treatment advice has changed several times.
We are used to having a plan for the future. We planned to retire, then we bought a retirement home in Dover and enjoyed visiting the Texas grands for a couple of months each winter.
Eventually, we decided to move to a retirement community, sold our home, and moved to Manor House. We still planned to spend a couple of months in Texas each winter.
Once settled at Manor House, we signed up for various exercise groups, a discussion group, lunch outings, etc. Suddenly everything stopped due to COVID-19. As I write this (June 21, 2020) we are in Phase 1 emerging from a total shutdown. But none of us know what changes this virus may bring in the coming weeks and months.
We have no plans to go to Texas next winter because we fear the virus may still be dangerous, and it is unlikely that there will be

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