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                a vaccine that is available in sufficient quantities by then. We will meet our two Maryland grands tomorrow in a park. We haven’t seen them since late February. No hugging, but at least we will get to see them.
Even as we schedule dental appointments, we wonder if we will be able to keep them. While we are quite comfortable and safe, it is frustrating to be unable to make any long-range or even short- range plans. It is strange to not go to Dover to visit old friends
or have them come here to visit us. It’s strange to not have group activities here at Manor House. The churches have reopened at 25% capacity, but we are hesitant to go on Sundays for fear of the virus. So we are going to Mass on Tuesdays when there are only ten to twelve people in the church. Life is simply not normal.
Recently we lost a friend and a family member in death. Neither has had a funeral because no one could attend without the danger of infection. While this is very strange for us, it must be awful for their families.
As we begin to emerge from isolation, we worry about the possibility of increased spread of COVID-19 that could require further isolation. Many of the states have recently seen an increase in cases as they move from lockdown to reopening. Some are going back to stricter isolation.
In some ways, it seems petty to complain when we are safe and well cared for. It comes down to a loss of independence we have enjoyed all our lives and a fear of COVID-19. We hope the precautions we have taken will enable us to return to the active, independent life we were living prior to the arrival of COVID-19.

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