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My hair was getting really long and unmanageable.
My last haircut was February 11. I usually had my hair cut every five weeks, so I missed three haircuts. Needless to say, I really needed to get to the beauty shop. The shops were beginning to reopen, and I knew they would be heavily booked.
As things reopened, they were taking a limited number of customers to enable social distancing. Since I would be a new customer here, I expected it to be a while before I could get in.
All the ladies were anxious to get their hair done. It was one of the things we missed the most. When I met ladies on my walks or as we passed going in or out of the pool, we often commented about wanting a haircut.
My neighbor found a place to get her hair cut and gave me the name of the stylist. I was thrilled when she was able to take me a few days later. The time she had available was a time I was scheduled to swim, but I gladly gave up my swim time for the haircut. I felt and looked like me again!
One of the things that surprised me was how important these everyday activities felt. Certainly, it would have done me no harm to go longer without a haircut, but it felt so good to have it done.
Activities Help Maintain Balance
We were fortunate that the pool remained open (with only a two- week closure), so we enjoyed swimming five days a week. The
pool was limited to two people at a time with appointment times scheduled weekly. We missed having others in the pool to visit, but were grateful for the opportunity to swim. Swimming provided exercise and added structure to our lives. We also enjoyed visiting the pool staff.
I also enjoyed the tai chi class which was small and continued because we were able to distance ourselves in the large Friendship Hall. The exercise was good, but it also offered an opportunity to visit with the other participants.

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