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By Ellen Wiser Fairhaven
Hard to believe they could actually be comfortable! The Pesky mask we were required to wear whenever we left our residence. Even on a pleasant walk, it was definitely a distraction for me as it covered my nose and mouth and made me hot and uncomfortable. One day the weather turned unexpectedly windy and cold and
I needed a winter coat and hood along with Pesky mask. To my surprise, Pesky mask kept my face warm and comfortable. But that was only one day in the many months we had to wear them.
On that particular day, I walked longer than usual and began to think of other restrictions imposed upon us because of COVID-19 (for our well being, of course). A complete shutdown occurred. I likened it to being hidden in a cocoon because we were not able to leave the campus—without self-quarantining for fourteen days— and no one was allowed to come in. Social distancing caused activities, programs, and dining together to be curtailed. Thank heavens for our in-house TV channels as they were more heavily depended upon. There were many movies to watch and programs and various classes in which we could participate. Televised church services were also provided.
Fairhaven took good care of us, and I am ever hopeful that one
day the cocoon will burst open, allowing us to flex our wings and return to everything we once enjoyed—without those Pesky masks!

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