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                The virus is now attacking younger people age 20 to 45 and also some younger children. Many of the people who are not using caution are the young people who crowd together at the beach. Dr. Fauci said the only defense we have until a vaccine is developed is wearing masks, washing our hands, and social distancing. If the country chooses not to take those steps, the death rate can only go up.
Many of the labs in the United States are working on a vaccine and when it is created, the testing that must be done will take three to five months. Therefore it may be in 2021 before the coronavirus can be eradicated.
Heron Point will conduct a second round of virus tests on June 29 before we move into Phase 2. I hope we again prove negative, not only for Acts but also because I need one of my sons to help me buy a new computer!
Great Grandchildren, I hope this account of four months in 2020 will explain how the American people and I dealt with the coronavirus. I think we will still have another six months of this new normal before the vaccine will be ready to distribute throughout the world.
I encourage you to write a journal. Families live through many adventures, and you will too; write them down because your grandchildren might be interested in the olden days.
Your Favorite Great Great Grandmother, Bernadine Marie Starken

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