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                to my place, we go on the internet and play bridge for two hours. Two other friends join us via the internet, so we have two tables of bridge. This has worked very well over the last six weeks.
I learned that not using a car for a couple of months can run down the battery. Fortunately, there was a trickle charger in the maintenance shop, which, after charging for two days, allowed me to start the car. I then took up the practice of running the car periodically until I was able to leave campus and get the battery charged. All’s good now.
On Fridays we enjoyed a virtual dinner with a friend outside of Bayleigh Chase. Two other friends at Bayleigh Chase and I would FaceTime with him to choose a restaurant and our meals. He would drop off our meals at the front gate then go home. We would retrieve our meals and all enjoy them together while on FaceTime.
What does the future hold? I really don’t know; life has become very fragile. So much changed so quickly. Independence and security (both health and financial) for me and my family and friends have crashed and risen. Unfortunately, it can happen again, and my small water hose is ineffective against the raging fire that still roars seemingly out of control.

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