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                tested negative except for one employee. We were allowed to go into Phase 1 of “re-opening.” We could now leave the campus two days
a week—if our temperature was not over 98.7 degrees. I received my letter at 11:30 am and at 11:40, I was in my car driving to the grocery store and drug store, filling up with gas, and taking flowers out to Grandpa George’s grave. My tail was wagging. Freedom!
By June 8, our days allowed away from the campus were extended to four per week. Residents went to the barbershops, beauty shops, liquor stores, and garden shops. We must still wear masks and keep a six-foot distance from other people. Our dining room is set up with distancing dining, which limits the number of residents allowed in. We can remove our masks and dine with friends but only twice a week, so everyone has the opportunity to go.
Ari, on one of those free days I drove to your Grandparents’ house in Centreville to get my first look at you; you looked like a Gerber baby; nice head, lots of hair, and fat cheeks. You were very handsome.
Declan, your mom and dad moved to a new house in Columba, MD, and you are still under quarantine. I bet you have grown an inch in these past three months. I stop at your picture every day and give you a hug.
June 21 was Father’s Day. I had dinner at Uncle Tom and Aunt Robin’s house, the first I had seen them for three months. They are already back at work.
Also, June 21 is the longest day of the year, and the sun will set
a little earlier each day as fall arrives. The virus and the shorter days that are coming make me think gloomy thoughts. Dr. Fauci, the doctor in charge of the government’s coronavirus response team, predicted that the number of cases will rise in the fall when schools and most businesses open. The curve seems to be rising as we move into Phase 3 of the governor’s re-opening plan, but he can move the phase back if the death rate looks anything like it did in March.

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