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                I hung it on the wall in the cottage and every time I go by it, I am sure to have a hug. Thank you to my family; it was a grand day— pandemic or not.
By late May the curve was flattening, fewer people went to the hospitals, and the death rate was decreasing. All the governors agreed as the curve flattened they would relax the restrictions
in three phases and each phase would allow more freedom and gradually open all businesses. Due to the three-month layoff, many of the small businesses claimed bankruptcy and will not reopen; some of the larger retail firms will claim chapter 11 bankruptcy, giving them an extension to reorganize their operations. Also in late May, Acts Corporation tested residents at all their communities for the coronavirus; Heron Point tested 325 residents and staff.
The economy was opening but in May another sad situation happened: riots. A police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota had arrested a man named George Floyd. While holding him down, the police officer placed his knee on Floyd’s throat and cut his breathing off, killing him. The people were angry at what they called police brutality; riots took place in every big city in the country. Some protesters were peaceful, but others smashed windows, looted merchandise from stores, and set buildings on fire. The slogan was “Black Lives Matter.”
A future gathering of people that will require changes in procedures is the November presidential election which affects the whole nation. President Trump and Vice President Pence are the Republican candidates and they will be running for their second term. Joe Biden and the first woman vice president (we expect) are the candidates for the Democratic Party. The election board is hoping the virus case curve will stay flat, thus allowing people to gather at the polls. But in case that does not happen, the election board is making plans to mail out ballots upon request.
On June 4, Heron Point sent out a letter to each of us telling us our status regarding our May testing. Everyone at Heron Point

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