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                medical appointments. We were well taken care of, but there was always that urge to get off-campus. There were none of the usual routines. Life consisted of abiding by rules of minute things we could no longer do. I felt so controlled.
After three months of national sacrifice, just as restrictions began to loosen up, and life might begin to return to “normal,” there
was another crisis. George Floyd, a Black man, was killed during an arrest by the police. This incident set off a nationwide set of protests and demonstrations for social justice, which were at times destructive. It hurt to see old statues defaced and torn down—a vital part of history. Anything related to slavery was taboo. Some statues were saved and moved to museums. There were demands to defund police departments and transfer that money to social programs. Demonstrations went on for months. The period of hysteria goes on.
I believe that God is in control, and He will get us through this. When times get rough, I always remember the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and, wisdom to know the difference.
When God is in control, we have to be mindful of His timeline and not ours. God will get us through but not on our timeline!

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