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                Meanwhile, the governor of Maryland closed all restaurants and bars (except for take-out), all schools, all non-essential businesses, and any events that drew crowds. He urged everyone to stay home as much as possible and to work from home. It was not long before virtually all states had shelter-in-place orders like these.
So now we had an entire country where most workers were jobless or working from home, kids were not in school, and many services were no longer available. Test kits for COVID-19 were in short supply throughout the country, so we didn’t really know how many people were infected and were carriers.
Here is a summary of how my personal life changed over a few weeks in March:
 My Life Before COVID-19 Restrictions
Nightly meals and camaraderie as my husband and I ate with other residents in one of our BC restaurants; weekly rehearsals of the BC Chorus; Sunday church services; exercise classes several times a week; daily mail pickup in the mailroom with the opportunity to chat with others; committee meetings
both on and off the BC campus; attendance at entertainment events like concerts, movies, speakers; volunteer work as
a pastoral visitor to residents in OakBridge Terrace and WillowBrooke Court; weekly visits with our daughter and three grandchildren; visits with other relatives and friends on campus or off; grocery shopping twice a week; and occasional dinners out at Frederick restaurants.
 My Life After COVID-19 Restrictions
• Outdoor walks with masks
• Social distancing if we encountered any other residents
(which was rare)
• Virtual exercise classes
• All meals at home

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