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                one was allowed to go off campus without self-quarantining for fourteen days upon returning. Only workers, after having their temperature checked, were allowed in. The staff took good care of us by delivering meals and mail.
During confinement, I spent a lot of time outside walking and riding my bike. I enjoyed seeing a few people to talk to. We looked
 Family Zoom
~ Jack Fancher, Heron Point
like bank robbers. We had to wear masks and maintain a distance
of six feet. . . shouting distance. I did plenty of reading, crocheting,
sewing, piano playing, and wishing I could go to
see my grandkids.
Support systems, using technology, were important during isolation. I
had Zoom meetings with my book club, Bible study, piano soiree, and played Bingo with the grandkids.
I was also involved with a
needlework group online from the Senior Center. The fitness center offered exercise classes on Zoom. I used FaceTime to have dinner with friends and play Yahtzee. Time was spent visiting on the phone. There were lots of innovative ways to socialize that we never considered previously. Zoom and FaceTime made it possible to actually see people, which helped during this period of loneliness. We even bought a new house online after having only a virtual tour!
My husband and I continued with some volunteer activities online and found ways to help some people on campus. He prepared income taxes and functioned as a dog groomer, giving pedicures. I helped people set up Zoom and download digital books.
Even though life seemed to be in upheaval, we were forced to live a simple lifeā€”no activities, no face-to-face social contacts, no

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