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                A Pandemic is Coming!
What Does It Mean? What Will Happen?
By Carol Decker Buckingham’s Choice
The year 2020 began with turmoil and events that we’ve never seen before or could even imagine!
 Carol, unmasked!
In January of 2020, a new virus began spreading from China to other parts of the world. The Chinese closed their airport
in Wuhan Province (home of the virus)
to incoming flights, but they still allowed outgoing flights. The virus spread rapidly worldwide. It wouldn’t be long until the germ reached the USA. Thousands were dying. Hospitals filled to capacity and needed ventilators. What should we do?
We’ve had viruses previously from other countries, so I didn’t give it much attention. In February I went to Costco, and I realized maybe this virus was bigger than I assumed. My eyes almost popped out of my head. People came out with baskets full of water and toilet paper! The hoarding led to shortages of paper products, baked goods, bread, and other items. I was thinking, This virus danger must be real. People were scared.
In early March health experts advised people to isolate themselves. In mid-March governments closed businesses and invoked stay- at-home rules. Activities were canceled,and schools were moved online for the remainder of the academic year. No church, no sports, no activities. Thousands of people lost their jobs overnight. A pandemic was declared!
Daily living became frightening. Who would be next? How would we survive isolation? People’s minds and bodies would deteriorate from lack of use.
At Buckingham’s Choice, we were on our own little island. No

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