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                There is more to be said, especially about the mask. The mask is not a fashion statement, although some designers create masks that “speak” to or for us. The mask is not a pleasant accessory. Yes, it can be annoying to wear, and it does restrain us and sometimes makes us uncomfortable. Wearing a mask requires us to find a type that both fits well and protects. It also requires us to increase our tolerance for wearing it through practice and patience. But this comment is bigger than about how to wear a mask. It is about acknowledging that there are people with whom we share space who are among vulnerable populations or who have underlying health conditions. It is about having respect and concern for others. It is about a civic and moral responsibility to wear a mask to protect all individuals with whom we share this incredible journey.
COVID-19 Continues
We will continue to live through COVID-19 for months to come, and I will continue to write and catch the flavor of the moment that will be difficult to retrieve once time and space intervenes. I also want to include in my writings a brief but precise description of
the novel coronavirus that has dramatically changed the way we live, for we seem to understand so little about an entity that has become an unrelenting force. This project will require research, observation, and discernment as I track through a variety of references and sources.
I also want to be a people’s poet, to capture the stories of my fellow travelers as together we move through one of the most challenging and demanding events that have touched our lives.

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