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  Going Green in Fairhaven Good things are growing in the gardens of Fairhaven. Thirty-two resident gardeners signed up for plots this year. There is a great variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and a bumper crop of strawberries. Plots are still available for residents interested in testing their green thumb!      Resident Dale Buck enjoys watering his vegetable plot, a growing garden he has maintained for three years. To Be A Kid Again! Bayleigh Chase residents and staff spent a relaxing day in Oxford, strolling around the town, having lunch at the park and enjoying ice cream from Highland Creamery! A few of the ladies took advantage of the playground equipment and reacquainted themselves with a favorite childhood pastime. Not Your Typical Art Class Resident artists at Heron Point have been taking advantage of their new studio space, which includes classes on alcohol ink painting. This fascinating form of art moves on its own and creates beautiful organic forms when it dries. The ink is applied to non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic tile. Pictured Above: Art Instructor Mary Lee Taussing shows resident Leslie Baldwin (seated) how to apply this unique painting technique.    Fitness Director Susan Covey (left) joins residents Ruth Ann Williams (center) and Alice Reinbold (right) on the swings.  13  

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