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 12   Pride & Patriotism: July 4th Parade Salutes Manor House Vets Manor House celebrated the Fourth of July with its own Independence Parade. With over 25 entries, residents enjoyed Corvettes, convertibles, tractors, motorcycles and vintage fire trucks. Little Miss Seaford, Little Miss Delmarva, and even Seaford Mayor David Genshaw participated in the parade, honoring our veterans and American independence. WWII veteran Ralph Moore smiles for the camera during Manor House’s Independence Day Parade. A Walk Through History A group of Buckingham’s Choice residents took a hike to Gambrell Mill along the Monocacy River and visited the site of the Battle of the Monocacy. Fitness Director Dave Tooher (who just happens to be a Civil War history buff) led the hike and shared the story of the historic battle in July 1864.     CHESAPEAKE REGION    

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