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 Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Gelber Ms. Ethel Gerakas
Mr. Evans Gerakas
Ms. Doris Gerisch
Mr. Christopher Gibbons Ms. Emily Gibson
Ms. Margaret C. Gick Ms. Mary S. Gilbert Carmella Giles*
Mr. Lawrence Gillen
Ms. Carol Gillespie
Mrs. Anna V. Gines
Mrs. Frances H. Glica
The Rev. George C. Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. Vinton W. Goff Grace Golda
Ms. Marie C. Gondre
Ms. Bonnie Gora
Ms. Dianna Gorin
Mr. Henry T. Gregg III
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Gregory Mr. Ronald Greilich
Ms. Janet K. Gridley Mr. & Mrs. Edward J.
Grimes Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Grindle Mr. Richard I. Gruber
Mrs. Sylvia Gruber
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Guidry
Ms. Dawn Guilfoy
Mrs. Martha E. Guro
Ms. Janet S. Guyger
Rev. & Mrs. Charles J. Gyle Mrs. Janet Hahn
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Haines
Mrs. A. Patricia Halberstadt Ms. Donna M. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W.
Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Hammond Ms. Diane U. Harakas
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Harbison Taylor Hare
Mr. John Harmer
Mrs. Elisabeth H. Harper Camilla Harrington
Ms. Linda W. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Edward G.
Ms. Helena H. Harrison Hatboro Horsham Education
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heemskerk Mr. Richard Hendrick
Ellen U. Hendrickson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Heneberry Mr. Leslie Hensley
Ms. Graciela Herrero
Miss Mary Agnes Hershey Mr. Joseph S. Hessenthaler Mrs. Jean Heytler
Ms. Sharon Hicks
Ms. Terri E. Hildebrand
Ms. Susan M. Hilferty
Ms. Nicole Hill
Arbutus M. Hines
Ms. Harriet Hirshfield
Ms. Sylvia C. Holteen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Holzschuh Mrs. Kathleen Honeycutt Mrs. Jo-Ann Horner
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Horsewood Ms. Karen Zahn Horton
Ms. Suzanne Horton
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Horvath Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hosler
Mrs. Yvonne F. House
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Howard Ms. Joan C. Howell
Ms. Ruth S. Howell
Ms. Mary F. Huber
Ms. Marcia J. Hunkins
Mrs. Pearl Hyman
Indian River Estates West
Residents Association Ms. Ginger Irby
Richard D. Izard &
Helen M. Angelina
Mrs. Marilyn B. Jacobs
Ms. Sondra Jacobson
Ms. Marie Jean
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Jennette Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Jerauld Mr. Theodore I. Jerman
Ms. Micheline Jeudy
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Johnson Mrs. Mary E. Jones
Ms. Regina Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Jones Mr. Simeon Jones
Mrs. Rose Ann Jordan
Mrs. Sue W. Kahl
Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association of Howard County
Ms. Janine A. Katona
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Keller Mr. & Mrs. John B. Kelly Ms. Sarah Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Kendall Mr. & Mrs. Harry G.
Kennedy Jr.
Ms. Joan P. Kerr
Ms. Renate Kerstan
Ms. Diane Kilbourne
Ms. Judy Kimberly
Ms. Virginia N. Kinard
Ms. Ruth M. Kington
Mr. Steven F. Kinlock
Dr. & Mrs. Gary N. Kirby Ms. Barbara M. Kirkpatrick Dr. David Kirkpatrick
Ms. Anita W. Kirlin
Mrs. Ruth M. Kirrstetter Ms. Frances Kiser
Mr. Joseph Klosek
Ms. Ann T. Knee
Ms. Catherine Koch
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Koleff
Ms. Kimberly Korner
Mrs. Frances Korth
Ms. Judith Korutz
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kottyan Ms. Shirley A. Koustmer Mr. & Mrs. Michael F.
Mrs. Margaret C. Kraft
Indian River Estates, Vero Beach, FL
Dick and Tootsie Schroeder like the Samaritan Fund and find many opportunities to be supportive. They like to participate in Samaritan Fund Day activities and events, like the Golf Classic and the annual Gala Dinner, and they take advantage of
Dick’s employee Johnson & Johnson Matching Gift Program. Through this matching gift program, the Schroeder’s
annual gift is doubled, and the Samaritan Fund benefits of increased revenue. The Schroeder’s like that their giving stays local, and that “It benefits our friends”, states Dick. This year, Dick and Tootsie annual gift had some additional benefits, by gifting highly appreciated stock directly to
Acts they avoid capital gains tax and continue to support the Samaritan Fund.
 24   Acts Legacy Foundation
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