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Indian River Estates, Vero Beach, FL
“There is no way to put a monetary figure on your support of The Choristers. The joy the singers have is immeasurable. And the joy we bring to Residents at our concerts is so special. Our last concert we sang at Indian River Estates East at 2pm. Then we sang again at 7pm at Indian River Estates West. After the second concert, a lady came up to me and said she had attended the concert at East and loved it so much, she came to West to see it again. Nothing
is better than the joy of music and thanks to you, The Choristers were formed.”
 Ms. Judith W. Smith
Ms. Margaret C. Smith Mr. Wayne R. Smith & Ms.
Carol J. Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore D.
Ms. Dorothea Soderstrom Ms. Meg Sorber
Ms. Beth Soskin
Ms. Lori Spanier
Ms. Lorrel Spence Lawrence Spring House Estates
Dogwood Wing Spring House Estates
Greenbrier Wing Spring House Estates
Hickory Wing Springfield Township High
School Sunshine Club Mrs. Mary Ellen Spruell Dr. & Mrs. Edward A.
Ms. Adele Stafford
Nicole M. Staub
Mr. Frank G. Stearns
Mrs. Miriam Steinberg Herbert Steinmann
Ms. Carole Stephens
Mrs. Eleanor J. Stevenson Mrs. Marjory S. Stewart Ms. Emily Stiles
Ms. Linda K. Stone
Ms. Jo Ann Storey
Ms. Roberta Storiale
*Deceased as of December 31, 2020
Mr. Jeff Stott
Kay F. Stringer
Mr. Kent S. Stumpe
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Stutzman Mrs. Valerie J. Subotic
Ms. Catherine M. Sudol
Ms. Betty R. Sullivan
Ms. Michele L. Sweeney Swim & Racquet 2B
Grace Y. Tanner
Mr. Sheldon Taubman
Ms. Alice Taus
Taylor & Francis Group
Ms. Barbara J. Taylor
Ms. Elizabeth A. Taylor
Ms. Martha R. Taylor
Mrs. Roberta S. Taylor
Ms. Juanita S. Teasley
Mr. & Mrs. John Teeple
Mr. & Mrs. Gerrit Ten Broek Dr. & Mrs. Charlie Terrell Winsome Terrelonge
The Committee on
Appropriations, US House
of Representatives
The King Family
The Ross Families
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Theil
Ms. Karen Thomas
Ms. Margaret C. Thomasson Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Thompson Ms. Justine D. Thompson Thrivent Choice
Ms. Paula Tielemans
Ms. Vickie C. Timms Mrs. Melinda R. Tingle Ms. Linda Toch
Ms. Mary K. Trimble Ms. Hyla Troxell Donald & Jane Tucker Mrs. Mary Lue Tupper Mrs. Phyllis W. Twiss Mrs. Joyce Tyson United Way of Greater
Philadelphia & Southern NJ Mr. Jose L. Vargas
Dr. Betty J. Vaughn MD
Ms. Jerreta B. Villegas
Ms. Frances M. Vinci
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Volkman Ms. Cindy von Beren
Nancy Voss*
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Walker
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen
Ed & Phyllis Wampler
Ms. Talley S. Wannamaker Ms. Keya Ware
Mr. Jack Wark &
Ms. Theresa Connors Ms. Debra Watkins
Ms. Joselyn Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Watson Janet B. Waugh
Mrs. Kerry Wein
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Weinberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Weller Ms. Dorothy Welling
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Welsch Mr. Steven Welty
Ms. Vicky Westmoreland Ms. Maren K. Wetherald
Ms. Patricia S. Wheatley Ms. Lynne H. Whetzel Ms. Virginia C. White The Whitley Family Mrs. Lois M. Wieder
Ms. Carol Williams
Mr. Jeremy Williams
Billie S. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson
Mrs. Marjorie A. Wilson James & Violeta Windover Leroy R. Wolfe Jr.
Ms. Susan J. Wolfe
Sheila Womack
Mr. & Mrs. Gock Wong
Mrs. Mary B. Woodland
Dr. & Mrs. Ben E. Woodward Ms. Caroline Wroblewski Ms. Erin Wynne
Ms. Sheila Yakatan
Mrs. Lydia A. Yamarick
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Yanchura Ms. Eunice Yankiv
Ms. Billie Jean Yarusinsky Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Young You’re Nutz
Ms. Nancy Zucker
Acts Legacy Foundation

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