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                                                ACTS LEGACY FOUNDATION DONORS - CONTINUED
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Deverant Family
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*Deceased as of December 31, 2020
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Ms. Maria E. Gara
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Garrity Ms. Cathelena Gaston
Ms. Dorothy Geets
In 2018, Buckingham’s Choice Resident
Association (BCRA) received a $1 million dollar
bequest from Martha Reynolds, an association
member and resident. She specified that the funds “Be used by
the Buckingham’s Choice Resident’s Association for programs
to assist residents of Buckingham’s Choice who need
financial assistance and for such [other] purposes as it shall
deem proper.” Her friends say that despite her resources,
Martha was continually concerned with her financial
future, and probably knew others who felt the same.
The community was deeply grateful for the bequest,
however, it came with the responsibility of carrying out
Martha’s instructions. While the BCRA is a charitable
corporation, it is also run by resident volunteers who were reluctant to take on the tasks of investing, managing, and perhaps most importantly, disbursing funds.
The affiliation with Acts Retirement-Life Communities presented the ability to use Acts Legacy Foundation as a means of stewarding Ms. Reynolds’ bequest. The BCRA voted to have the Foundation manage this very special gift as Buckingham’s Choice Samaritan Fund in support of residents in financial need and also the Buckingham’s Choice Community Enrichment Fund for capital projects on campus.
Because of Ms. Reynold’s generosity and the resources of Acts Legacy Foundation, Buckingham’s Choice residents can see that each person in the community will be financially secure in their home for as long as they want and will enjoy the benefits of community improvements.
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