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                Wondering What Lies Ahead
By Katharine Heidelbach Fairhaven
Happy 2020!! Well, I thought it would be a wonderful year. What happened? Something called Coronavirus spread across the globe and changed our lives. So, here I am sitting in my apartment wondering what lies ahead.
I know I have to get up in the morning, but no hurry on that. No pool, no fitness center, no choir, no meetings, no handbells, no concerts or other programs. I can’t drive to a store. Remember to call and order my dinner for delivery and try on-line ordering so I have something for breakfast and lunch. The bell is ringing—who is at the door? Oh yes, that’s a package of items I ordered from
the grocery store. What!! I only got $23 worth when my computer order was for $83! Oh, an email says the other items are no longer available. What to do? Try another store and see what I can get. Again, my order shows about $50 worth of merchandise and I eagerly wait for my delivery due in five days. One package arrives with three items and a paper that says “partial order.” I patiently wait for the other items, and four days later I get four emails telling me an item I had ordered is “out of stock.” By the time I have
read all four emails, I find out the rest of my items will never get delivered. WHAT IS going ON??? This is not working.
Stay calm...I have to keep going. The TV is bringing such depressing news, but there are lots of channels, so I must try to find something interesting. Daily movies help some, so do game shows, but I can’t just sit and watch TV. I have to accomplish something! OK...I remind myself that I’ve always liked to knit so it is time to get busy with the yarn in my closet—baby hats for the hospital newborns and scarves for our servicemen and women. A package arrives from my daughter with yarn she has spun herself. Her email gives me a pattern she would like me to try for a scarf. Accomplished! Now what do I do? Back to more baby hats—I still have yarn for those.

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