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Lanier Village Estates hosted a hugely successful breakfast where tickets sold out fast! A strong residents committee is the key behind this success!
Don Langan, Elizabeth Martin, Sara Brayman, Carolyn Dankel, Caroline Van de Pol, Donna Bremer, Kay Stringer, Colleen Wilson, Ed Zieseniss
The Magnolia Trace Spiritual Life Committee is an outreach touching more than a dozen organizations through the Spiritual Life Committee resident recommendations, including the Acts Disciple Fund. The community is embarking on a new resident- driven social entertainment project.
The Plantation Estates Creating a Legacy campaign successfully met their fundraising goal for construction of a new chapel, and the community came together for the consecration services in an outpouring of prayer, love and support.
The Park Pointe Village Christmas Card Committee continues to be a strong fundraising force for the Samaritan Fund. More than a dozen Thank You for Being a Good Samaritan parties were hosted by residents to further raise awareness for Samaritan Fund needs. Additionally, new WillowBrooke Court enhancements were made thanks to donor dollars.
Tryon Estates The entire community continued it’s commitment to Samaritan Fund needs. Their one-of- a-kind Japanese Garden was revived, with the help of the Tryon Estates Japanese Garden Giving and Working Group, to create a very beautiful, tranquil and one of a kind outdoor space.
SEATED: Linda Schutter, Mary Ann Stewart, Becky Poole, Betty Shevick
STANDING: Simon Stapleton, Dave LeFevre, Ralph Selle, Martha Duke, Charles Duke
         After 16 years, The Moore & Tobey Scholarship continues to recognize and reward Heron Point employees that are continuing their education by awarding eight scholarships during the 2017 calendar year.
The Granite Farms Estates Lapidary Club continues to sell their beautiful and unique creations to support their local Samaritan Fund.
Lima Estates added two automatic door openers thanks to resident donors wanting to make all parts of the community easily accessible for neighbors with physical limitations.
The long-term efforts to raise benevolent care funds at Manor House officially ended after almost two decades when the goal of reaching a $2 million fund balance was reached, creating the opportunity for resident-led fundraising efforts to support other community improvements.
   Michael Martin, Syrene Zimmerman-Tiller, Garret Falcone
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