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                                                                                      Resident Generosity Benefits Employee Educational Pursuits                                                                                                                Acts Corporate University is excited to celebrate the graduation of 15 Acts employees from the first Acts Associate Degree Cohort through Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. These dedicated individuals from across the Acts family spent two years working toward their degree while working full time, thanks to the generosity of Acts residents and employees through the Acts Legacy Foundation’s education fund. To be selected for this opportunity, employees underwent a rigorous application process which included references, interviews and recommendations from supervisors and residents. The accelerated program consisted of 12 six-week sessions that blended online learning with face-to- face interaction that truly challenged each student. Upon graduating, employees were eager to express their gratitude for the opportunity. Kayon Talmie, Administrative Assistant at Plantation Estates, explained that “it is not easy attending school, work, and taking care of a family, but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program.” Youness Jaffar, Executive Chef at Normandy Farms Estates, said that the program was “a wonderful opportunity to challenge ourselves to do more than we think we can, and to grow both professionally and intellectually.” Stacey Eley, Culinary Services Manager at Country House, indicated that “the Acts cohort has taught me a lot about myself through this program” and Chris Ulmer, Director of Physical Plant Services at Spring House Estates, felt that “the AA Cohort Program is a true benefit of working at Acts. The work was hard, but the benefits are worth it!” Acts Corporate University looks forward to celebrating all cohort graduates later this fall. The next Associate Degree Cohort will be held through Eastern University. In addition to the Associate Degree Cohort, ACU has offered MBA Cohorts and will soon offer a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership next spring.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Acts Legacy Foundation: Your Philanthropic Resource ACTS LEGACY FOUNDATION TEAM Joe Deininger, Northeast Regional Director 215-661-0567 Michael Martin, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director 302-235-6864 Ray Boyle, Acting Representative for Chesapeake Region 215-661-8330 Colleen Wilson, Mid-South Regional Director 704-910-8033 Elba Negron, Southeast Regional Director 561-362-0235 Acts residents are incredibly generous with charitable support for their communities. The mission of the Acts Legacy Foundation is to manage, encourage and increase these philanthropic efforts and to serve as a resource with assisting residents to achieve their charitable goals. Each Acts region is staffed with a Regional Director who works in communities to support the efforts of resident groups engaged in fundraising efforts such as Samaritan Fund Committees, special event committees, and capital campaign task forces. The Regional Directors communicate regularly with resident associations to report on community needs and progress of fundraising efforts and lead educational seminars on topics such as Estate Planning and Charitable Gift Annuities. Whether you have questions about routine giving such as memorial gifts, recurring monthly gifts, individual cash gifts, or need information about gifts of real estate, IRA rollovers, stock transfers, or trusts, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Foundation Regional Director. To learn more about Acts Legacy Foundation please visit our website:  4   

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