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 Cokesbury Village Couples Give Marriage Advice
From Lima with Love
This year for Valentine’s Day, a group of crafty ladies at Lima Estates used buttons and ribbons to create some beautiful holiday décor for the community.
  We have so many
amazing couples
around the Acts
family who know
what it takes to make
a good marriage
great. Just in time for
Valentine’s Day, three
such couples from
Cokesbury Village
were asked by a local
newspaper to give
their advice on a
successful marriage.
Sidney Engel said he learned how to say, “I’m sorry,” to his bride of more than 61 years, Ethel. Lila Peterson said she found a man as good as her father in Pete Peterson more than 63 years ago, and Dolly Windsor said never going to bed angry with her soulmate of 71 years, Don, has helped them sustain a happy and healthy marriage.
Country House residents Alice O’Neill and Maron Simeral smile for the camera.
The ladies of Lima Estates show off their lovely Valentine’s Day decorations.
Utterly Wonderful Valentine’s Day
Granite Farms Estates made sure to
“Eat Mor Chikin” before diving into the Valentine’s holiday chocolates, thanks to Chick-fil-A, who stopped by with mascot, Molly the cow.
  Sidney and Ethel Engel are one of the many happy couples at Cokesbury Village who shared their marriage advice.
        Green with Envy
Country House never fails to throw one of the best St. Patrick’s Day parties there is around the Acts family. The decorations, the food and the music are always on point, but what makes it particularly special? The people, of course!

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