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 The Power of Music
Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” This insight is particularly true when it comes to the effect of music on people who are living with dementia. As dementia progresses, people often begin to lose their ability to speak and understand language. However, for those in the middle to later stages
of disease progression, music still speaks to their hearts, minds and souls. In particular, the music that is most dear to a person has a particularly positive effect on well-being and function for those with advancing dementia. The songs and melodies remembered from youth, special life events,
and favorite genres continue to stir emotion and connect the individual to their memories in a powerful way. The internationally recognized Music and Memory program harnesses the power of music for people with dementia by providing the tools, training and systems necessary to ensure that each individual can enjoy a personalized playlist on a personal music device, like an iPod
or SanDisc.
Funded by generous donations to Acts Legacy Foundation, last year Acts adopted the Music and Memory program at all Acts communities. Many Acts staff, including those in our home health and
Resident referrals are the lifeblood of keeping our communities strong, and our popular Resident Referral program keeps getting better! Over the years we’ve expanded this program to include a quarterly iPad drawing for all residents who refer someone to an Acts community. Most recently, Acts began recognizing the top three communities each year producing the largest number of new resident referrals with monetary contributions to their Resident Relations accounts used for activities and programs.
hospice departments, have been trained and our communities are now officially certified as Music and Memory providers. This program allows us to provide individualized music playlists for residents living with dementia, and in doing so, we provide them with opportunities to reconnect with favorite memories, experience the positive emotions associated with those memories and connect with those around them as they enjoy their music.
Volunteers are always welcome to assist
in creating music playlists and sharing music with residents in OakBridge Terrace and WillowBrooke Court. Moreover, we encourage you to learn more about this powerful program as Acts expands the reach and impact of Music and Memory in our communities. This plays an important role in fulfilling Acts’ commitment to providing excellent care and support to residents living with dementia. We are proud to be able to call upon the power of music to speak to those whose words may fail due to their disease.
  Congratulations to these communities, and we encourage all Acts residents to keep those referrals coming for a chance to win prizes for yourself and to help your community. To submit your referrals, see a Life Care Consultant at your community today.
Resident Referral Program Nets Cash for Communities
 The top three communities with
the most resident referrals in 2018 were:
Manor House The Evergreens Tryon Estates

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