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 SPRING: When Loving-Kindness Blooms
                                                           Lima Estates Media, PA 40 Years
Southampton Estates Southampton, PA 40 Years
Brittany Pointe Estates Lansdale, PA
25 Years
The Evergreens Moorestown, NJ 100 Years
 Loving-Kindness is the English translation
of the Hebrew word Hesed, which essentially describes God’s love for His people. Phrases such as God’s mercy, God’s loyalty, God’s faithfulness attempt to capture the essence of this word. Put another way, Hesed or Loving- Kindness describes for us all the things that God does for us that we cannot do for ourselves and that is why it’s essential to our understanding of what we do in Acts.
The essence of Hesed can be enjoyed throughout our communities. Questions such as “How can I help you today?” “What can I do for
you this morning” “Do you need anything else?” illustrates that Loving-Kindness is being experienced by every resident at every level, every day.
Similarly, as our residents age and
become increasingly dependent of the services we provide in our communities, our staff members increasingly do for our residents those things that they can no longer do for themselves, and when they do they display Hesed; they display Loving-Kindness. And when we display Loving-Kindness we reflect the heart of God. What a privilege. What an opportunity. What a blessing.
Along with the cherry blossoms, crocuses, and forsythia, let’s celebrate the fact that spring is the season in which Loving-Kindness blooms.
Happy spring to everyone throughout the Acts family!
      Acts extends its best wishes to the residents and staff at the following communities which celebrate a milestone anniversary in 2019. We praise God for all the residents and team members who make up these very special communities.

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