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Southampton Estates, Southampton PA & Lima Estates, Media PA
“The day before Christmas Eve 2012, I had to deal with the unthinkable. Pulling up to my house after working the day shift, I found my husband and two young children standing outside as a fire rampaged through our home. When my supervisor and community executive director found out, they immediately contacted the Acts Legacy Foundation
to request a grant from the Employee Catastrophic Fund, which I had never heard of before then. When we were able to get a new place, we were grateful to have the funds from Acts to replace our furniture that we lost in the fire.”
 The Right Reverend & Mrs. Charles L. Longest
Mrs. Marjorie A. Louderback Mrs. Margaret P. Lounsbury Estate of Mary-Rose G. Lowry Mrs. Mary Luder
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Luke Jr. Mr. Michael R. Lumpkin
Ms. Charlene Lyday
Ms. Matilda F. Maassen
Ms. Phyllis Mackay George M. Mackie* Mr. George Macort Ms. Idele Magill
Mr. Patrick Magnuson Margaret & Edward Maher Ms. Janet Mann
Mr. James E. Marine
Mr. Brian J. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. G. Howard Martin Colonel James Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Martinez Mr. Edward V. Martino Anna May Martins*
Mrs. Martha M. Mason
Mr. & Mrs. John Mast
Ms. L’Shunda C. Matthews Ms. Sally E. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. May Mr. Kenneth Mayes
Jean S. Maygarden*
Mr. George Maynard
Jean Mazabras
Mr. Thomas N. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Donald McClean Mr. & Mrs. John M. McComb Mr. Harry McConnell
Mrs. Doris E. McCool
Ms. Brenda K. McCord
Ms. Pamela J. McCormick
Mr. David McCreight
Ms. Carolyn G. McDermott Mr. & Mrs. David G. McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McHugh Carolynn Q. McIlnay
Mr. & Mrs. Clif McIntire
Mr. & Mrs. Donald McLachlan Dr. & Mrs. George
Ms. Ann McNamee
Mr. & Mrs. Leo M. Megow
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Mellberg Ms. Kim Melton
Ms. Marie Merisier
Ms. Elizabeth J. Messer
Ms. Clare A. Mezzanotte
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Miles
Mr. Donald B. Miller
Ms. Judith Miller
Ms. Leslie Miller
Ms. Phyllis D. Miller
Mr. Robert J. Miller
Ms. Jane Mills
Mint Hill Arts Friends
Mrs. Helen C. Missfeldt
Mr. & Mrs. James S. Mitchell Ms. Donna J. Moates
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Mohan Mr. John Monroe
Ms. Elizabeth E. Moore
Ms. Frances G. Moore Harriet M. Moore
Mr. Walter Moran
Mr. David Morgan
Mrs. Harriette S. Morgan Mrs. Aurie W. Morrison
Ms. Elizabeth A. Morrison
Morton, Gober & Co.
Mrs. Doris Moss
Ms. Anne Murphy
Ms. Nancy E. Murray
Ms. Faith Muthama
Ms. Anita J. Nash
Ms. Lynne Nation
Mrs. Christine A. Nawrocki Ms. Janet E. Nedwick Elba Negron
Ms. Anita J. Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Netherland Ms. Mary A. Neville
Mr. William W. Newman
Ms. Sally Nicholas
Mr. Paul Nimey
Mrs. Margaret Nixon
W. A. Norman
Normandy Farms Estates
Carriage Homes Neighbors Ms. Sharon Nottingham
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Novak Mrs. Marylouise Nunnamaker Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Nurse Ms. Penelope Odiorne
Mr. Joe O’Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Olchak Ms. Susan Oliver
Ms. Constance M. O’Neal Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. O’Neil Mr. & Mrs. William E. O’Neill Mr. Laarnie B. Ordonez Orme Electric
Mr. & Mrs. Milton H. Osborn Violet (Vi) Ova
Ms. Daniela Owen
Mr. Harry C. Padgett Jr. Mrs. Janet E. Paparella
Mr. Robert Parahus
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pardo Mr. Glen Parker
Ms. Patricia Parker
Ms. Jeannie Parkhurst Ms. June M. Pasternak Ms. Philomene M. Paul Ms. Phyllis Paulive
Mrs. Phyllis W. Paulson Mrs. Doris B. Payne
Ms. Mary Alicia W. Peale Ms. Barbara Peoples
Mr. Tomas Rene Perez
Mr. Joel P. Perilstein Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Warren E. Perkins Ms. Judith A. Perry
Mrs. Patricia A. Perry
Ms. Theresa Perry
Ms. Maryann E. Pettit
Mrs. Merle W. Phillips
Mr. Jeremy Philo
Mrs. Phyllis C. Pickens
Mr. Guy C. Pierce III
Mr. Joseph D. Pierre
Ms. Elizabeth L. Pietrinferno Larry & Alyce Poe
Ms. Mary F. Pollitt
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Porteous Ms. Lois Potts
Ms. Gail Povar
Mrs. Shirley A. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Preuschl Mr. & Mrs. Bill Price
Ms. Sarah F. Price
Mr. & Mrs. William Printz
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Psaros
Ms. Anne F. Puhl
Mrs. Frances M. Quayle
Ms. Mary K. Quirk
Ms. Suzanne Rable
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