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                                                ACTS LEGACY FOUNDATION DONORS - CONTINUED
Park Pointe Village, Rock Hill, SC
“Nancy and I have been blessed and have for a long time been a giving couple. In fact we love the quote from Winston Churchill that says “ We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”. Although we are fairly recent residents of Park Pointe Village, we felt that we needed to help to support some worthy causes here. We have begun to annually support the Christmas Fund to create bonuses for staff and the Samaritan Fund to help support residents here who struggle to meet their total cost of care. And then in addition we have added
to our Planned Giving Trust Agreement support for the Acts Legacy Foundation Park Pointe Village Community Enrichment Fund. So, in addition to our annual support we hope to be able to give to make a difference in this wonderful community well into the future.”
 Mr. Richard Hoban
Mrs. Jane M. Hodgkiss Ms. Kathleen Hoffmann Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P.
Mr. & Mrs. Francis G.
Ms. Susan Holahan
Ms. Ann Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Horn Ms. Elsie E. Horne
William P. Horne*
Ms. Linda Howard
Mrs. Linda Howell
HRB Management
Mr. James Hsieh
Hank & Marianne Hubbard Estate of C. Brooks Hudson Mr. James C. Hull
Mrs. Ruth Huston
Mr. & Mrs. Harmon R.
Mrs. Janet K. Hutts
Dr. Evelyn R. I. Huxster Mr. & Mrs. Ken Ingram Ms. Barbara A. Irwin Mrs. Linda H. Irwin
Bill & Helen Issel Leroy Jackson*
Ms. Rebecca Jackson Ms. Ruthanne Jacobs Ms. Alida A. Jagt
*Deceased as of December 31, 2020
Mr. & Mrs. George James Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R.
Peggy Jaski*
Mr. Roger Jefferson
Mr. & Mrs. James Jersild Jack & Katherine Jeter John Kramer & Son
Ms. Cynthia Y. Johnson Ms. Nancy L. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson Ms. Patricia Johnston
Mrs. Jean Jones
Ms. Miriam M. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jones Mrs. Shirley M. Jones
Mrs. Patricia Joyner
Mr. Frank M. Julian
Mr. & Mrs. John Kauffman Ms. Alice F. Keener
Ms. Sandra Kelch
Ms. Elisabeth D. Keller Admiral & Mrs. Robert J.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Kemp Worth & Anne Kendall Peggy R. Kennedy*
Ms. Sandra L. Kenney
Mr. & Mrs. Warren E. Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kephart
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Keppler Ms. Diane T. Kern
Mrs. Pamela F. Kerr
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kesack Ms. Helen B. Kessler
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Kinder Barbara W. Kinniburgh
Kirk & Nice Suburban Chapel Mr. Earle E. Kirkbride
Mrs. Lee Kirkpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney J.
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Kish Mrs. Janice W. Klosterman Mr. & Mrs. John Knauss
Ms. Susan Knerr
Mrs. Nancy K. Knox
Mr*. & Mrs. William Knox Mr. & Mrs. Erwin W. Koch Mr. Charles Kohler
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Koppel Alexander J. Korsch
Mrs. Betty Korsch
Chaplain James Koscheski Leo M. Kosiba
Mr.* & Mrs. Mitchell Kostro Dr. & Mrs. Barry Kotler
Mrs. Constance Kowalski Ms. Betty Kraft
Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Kreutter Mr. Kenneth T. Krewson
Mr. Ronald J. Kroll
Capt. & Mrs. Hans H. Krucke Mr. Fred Kunkle
Ms. Nancy Kurteff
Mr. George H. Kurz Emery J. Kutney
Mrs. Gloria Lacoff Barbara Bransford Lacy Mrs. Elsie R. Lahner
Mr. J. Philip & Dr. Bettylou J. Land
Mrs. Nancy M. Landis Mrs. Susan Langbein Ms. Gayle C. Lange Fred Lannert* Lenard & Kathleen
Mr. & Mrs. John Law Sherri Bassner &
Patricia Lawlor
Ms. Bonnie M. Layton
Dr. & Mrs. Dale LeCount Ms. Doris LeGrand
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lekarew Cynthia Leonard
Ms. Ellen Lewkowicz
Ms. Ethel Lex
Mrs. Doris Lichtner
Mr. Harold Lieberman
Mr. David Linberg
Ms. Norma Lee Lingo
Ms. Elizabeth Litten Esq. Mr. Andrew Loeffler
Ms. Joyce Logan
Mrs. Janet L. Long
                 2020 Donor Report
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